Most people love sharing stories from “the good old days”, so bring a snack and a voice recorder and ask your loved one to share stories about their parents and grandparents.  Ask them about their childhood, about past careers, funny stories, places they lived and any other relatives they remember.  Set some time aside for an hour or two a week and record their stories.  It is a great way to engage with them and get their mind off any pain or issues they are currently having.

I made a point to ask my grandmother about her family, she is one of 9 and grew up on a working farm in upstate New York.  Her brother used to trick my mom into drinking milk fresh from a cow (not from a grocery store – she was not a fan), another brother lost an eye, and he could pop his fake eye out.  He happily popped it out and screamed for every new person he met.  I wanted to record all the favorite traditions, recipes, stories, holidays and memories I could.  I was so glad I did it, as a year later my grandmother developed dementia and declined quickly.  We were all able to tell her all the stories she loved, and at the end of her life, that brought her so much joy.

A family history of any kind is a wonderful way to connect with a loved one or with someone you care for.  It is an easy gift that will keep giving for years.

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