Nursing is a profession that assumes responsibility for the continuous care of the sick, the injured, people with disabilities, and the dying. Nurses are also responsible for encouraging the health of individuals, families, and communities in medical and community settings. Nurses are actively involved in health care, research, management, policy deliberations, and patient advocacy.

Walking into a new doctor’s office or an emergency room is very nerve-wracking for a patient. Most of us are nervous, concerned or scared, and then we encounter a nurse. They introduce themselves, smile and ask us what’s going on and what brings us in today. We start to explain the reason for our visit, the nurse engages us, asks questions, smiles at us, asks for more details. Talking to the nurse, our face and shoulder muscles soften, we feel at ease, heard.

Nurses work hard to show their respect to their patients. Always saying please and thank you, asking if it’s okay to touch, to look closer. They know that a comfortable patient is better to assess and help and go out of their way to us at ease. Think about the nurses who help patients use the restroom, dress, undress and help them understand their medical issues. Nurses have a tough job, and yet, they show up each shift with the goal of helping their patients anyway they can. Thank you nurses for respecting your patients and thereby giving us the level of care, we deserve. Today, and every day, thank a nurse!

About CBHomeCare

CBHomeCare and our Family of Providers is part of the Community Based Care (CBC) Family of Companies which also includes CBCIDD. We have the privilege of serving families, children and seniors across a number of states on the east coast for the past twenty years. We have built a network of extraordinary homecare provider agencies that passionately live their mission; to keep our clients safe and independent so they can live in the place they love, their home. We do this by providing high quality personal care, companion care, respite care and private duty services needed to remain in their place of residence no matter their level of need or type of insurance.

If you are seeking to learn more about homecare and home and community-based services that are available, you have come to the right place. The healthcare industry can be challenging to navigate and sometimes difficult to understand the various types of caregiving services available to an individual and who will pay for those services. Sometimes there can be more than one source of funding. We have a compiled a list of Resources and Frequently Asked Questions along with General Information regarding the types of homecare services available and how to obtain payment for these services.

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