As baby boomers age, they are really the first generation of Seniors who will most likely have used computers, printers, and scanners.  Other seniors may not have had a chance to develop those skills.

Caregivers should take the time required to teach seniors how to use the internet to keep in contact with their families, friends and even some hobby groups.  In an age where the pen and paper written word is all but forgotten, the internet gives them a way to reach out to a child, grandchild, sibling, and friends.

  • Create an email address for them if they do not have one, teach them how to login to it
  • Gather family and friends’ email address and put them in both their electronic address book and handwritten clearly on paper
  • Give their email to the family and have them email first, making it even easier as they can just hit reply
  • Teach them how to check and send emails
  • Bookmark some websites of their hobbies

Another great idea is to teach them how to scan pictures and they can even write about the picture to help bolster their memory and leave a picture legacy.

Keeping seniors engaged, in touch and learning is a great way to keep their mental acuity and their mood elevated.

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