Good health starts with good nutrition. A balanced diet supports long, vibrant life, and wards off illnesses and complications that can rob senior adults of their independence. If you or your loved one is struggling to shop for and prepare nutritious meals, or simply feeling challenged to follow a recommended senior diet plan, CB HomeCare’s nutrition program has the support you need. The kitchen is the heart of a home; let us lend a hand in yours.

What is Nutritional Management?

If you or your loved one need comprehensive nutritional support or just a sous chef, we are here to help. Get the support you need in cooking up comforting favorites, healthy options, special diets, or a combination of all three.

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Our in-home aides are standing by to assist with:

  • Meal prepping and planning
  • Cooking and clean up
  • Managing dietary restrictions and recommendations
  • Friendly encouragement of healthy habits
  • Feeding Assistance

Grocery Program

CB HomeCare’s senior nutrition services go beyond the kitchen. Our care experts also act as personal shoppers, saving you or your loved one the stress and risks of trips to the grocery store. Don’t let memory or mobility issues limit access to delicious, healthy food. We work closely with our clients to stock their kitchens with ingredients, snacks, and ready-to-eat meals that suit their dietary needs and budget.


Strategic Meal Planning

When you or your loved one is working towards a healthier lifestyle, planning is the key to success. Our in-home care experts are available to help you develop daily and weekly meal plans that meet unique nutritional needs. We take time to learn preferences, eating habits, and favorite recipes in order to help you or your senior loved one find ways to meet health goals while eating food that is loved by you or your loved one.


Count on us for the best senior nutritional support.

When you’re ready for support and encouragement around mealtime and beyond, we’re here to offer friendly, reliable assistance tailored to your unique needs.

Let's get cooking.Let's get cooking.