The older we get, the harder it can be to maneuver through our homes like we once did.  Maybe you cannot walk as far as you once could, or perhaps you are not as steady on your feet as you were, there are ways to small but impactful changes to make you feel safer to enjoy your home as you always have.  Hare are 9 easy changes to make:

  1. Make sure your house is well lit and that light switches are easy to reach
  2. Do not use area or throw rugs, these are a tripping hazard
  3. Install grab bars next to the toilet and the tub
  4. Get a shower chair
  5. Install no-slip strips in the bathroom and by the kitchen sink. Water and wood or ceramic tiles can cause you to slip and fall
  6. If you have a long hallway and you have a hard time walking it, place a narrow bench or chair against the wall to rest if needed.
  7. Make sure all banisters are tightly secured
  8. Declutter all walkways and stairs to make getting around as easy as possible
  9. In case of emergency, keep a list of all current medications and doses by the phone and on your nightstand to help EMS if needed

Needs can change at any time, be honest with your family and caregivers.  If you need some more help, get a cane or a walker, get a stair lift so you do not have to walk up and down the stairs.  If living at home is where you want to be, talk about how important it is to you and let your caregivers help you achieve it.

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