With the world of healthcare constantly evolving, excellent care depends on excellent collaboration. When your patients are ready to make the transition from hospital to home, trust CB Homecare to support them and become a dedicated continuation of the care you have provided.

What are the benefits of referring patients to home care services?

We’re here to assist, educate, and act as a liaison between you and your patients in the days following discharge and beyond. Our compassionate, professional care aides do so much more than monitor our clients’ wellbeing. Count on us to encourage compliance with medication regimens and dietary recommendations, relay questions and concerns, and help patients recover confidently at home.

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We’re passionate and professional.

At CB HomeCare, we are committed to helping seniors and other adults live safely and independently. This mission drives us to staff only the most qualified, empathetic care professionals. Rely on us to act as a trusted extension of your healthcare team.

CB Home Care Physicans and Healthcare Professionals

Contact us for a confidential referral.

For a discrete referral or general information about our in-home care services, email info@qualityhomestaffing.com or call 800.700.0008.

For referrals to the Medicaid Personal Care Program, please use the following link for more information. www.nc-pcs.com/Medicaid-PCS-forms